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Enjoy the perfect Hertfordshire wedding on us!

When it comes to Hertfordshire weddings, Shendish Manor leads the way. We can provide the backdrop to the best day of your life, so why not talk to us to learn more about our facilities today? Opt for a substandard venue and you may come to regret it for the rest of your life. We oversee one of the most talked-about and picturesque wedding venues in Hertfordshire, and our team always works tirelessly to ensure that everything runs like clockwork on the big day itself.

Here at Shendish Manor, there are numerous options available to you when you are planning your day and choosing the right facilities. Our gazebo, for instance, is perfectly suited to outdoor weddings and can hold as many as 120 guests. Our elegant banqueting suites, meanwhile, can hold 280 guests. No wedding is too big or intimate for us. We know that no two couples are the same, which is why we work hard to tailor our packages towards the exact needs of our clients.

Shendish Manor's wedding co-ordinators have vast experience in the organisation of big events - yet another reason to choose us. You can even bring your own caterers into the venue if you wish, although if we do prefer to leave things to us, we can provide mouth-watering cuisine that your guests are almost guaranteed to love. While the Apsley Suite is all set up for couples arranging food themselves, we also have long-lasting relationships with a number of leading Asian, Greek, Italian and Kosher caterers - the choice really is yours. 

Your guests won't struggle to find somewhere to park, thanks to our huge number of car and coach parking spaces. If your guests would rather stay with us than find accommodation elsewhere, we can offer exceptional rates for our bedrooms. People from across the country come to Shendish Manor to see our gorgeous Victorian-built hotel for themselves, albeit with the most sophisticated contemporary facilities also available to them.

There are 70 bedrooms to choose from in our distinguished hotel, with key facilities including our popular terrace, formal Dutch gardens and the much-acclaimed Orangery restaurant. We are confident that we can provide you with the ideal wedding venue, so why not get in touch with us today to learn more?


Show off your golf skills on a beautiful rural backdrop 

Are you seeking top quality hotel rooms at a leading golf country club in Hertfordshire? Then take a closer look at Shendish Manor. We have been welcoming people from across the country and beyond to our first-class golf course for many years, so if you're keen to brush up on your golfing skills and unwind with friends or associates in a leafy Hertfordshire setting, talk to us today.

Our golf course is open to corporate clients, hotel guests, golf societies and would-be members. It is designed to USPGA specifications and is suitable for year round golf, as well as for people of all ability levels.

Our 5660 yard, Par 70 course offers a thrilling mix of hazards, taking in parkland and woodland copses. A day at our course can begin or end with an all-day breakfast at our Coach House bar, where buggies and trolleys can be hired. If you wish to enjoy a private one-to-one or group lesson with a PGA Professional, simply let us know as this can be arranged. Various membership options are available, and you can easily 'Pay and Play' if you wish. The course is open for 365 days a year, weather permitting.

However, it isn't just our golf course that you will be marvelling at on your stay here, with our hotel itself also being a true visual standout - a splendid Victorian house in extensive grounds, amid all of the beauty of rural Hertfordshire. Our venue also makes plenty of practical sense, on account of its close vicinity to excellent rail and road connections.

The hotel is perfectly suited to those visiting the area for business and pleasure and is one of the most popular and exquisite wedding venues in the region. It is also home to the acclaimed Orangery restaurant, which features a bar alongside a terrace stretching out onto picture-perfect Dutch gardens.

We would like to hear from you if you're keen to take advantage of our golfing facilities or wish to unwind in an epic rural setting for a couple of days or so. Our team always goes the extra mile to satisfy our guests and is always on hand to respond to individual requests. Why not talk to us today to find out more about our hotel and the various services and facilities that we offer? 


Marry in the idyllic setting of a Victorian manor house 

Don't settle for a lacklustre venue if your nuptials are coming up and you still need to choose the right location. Shendish Manor is one of the most prestigious venues in the Hertfordshire region, and our team always goes the extra mile to make your day an overwhelming success. Our romantic grounds and stunning architecture offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding and are a photographer's dream.

There are many options available to you if you are considering holding your wedding proceedings at Shendish Manor. Our picturesque gazebo can cater for up to 120 guests, with one of our exquisite banqueting suites offering space for as many as 280 people. Whether you are opting for a busy or intimate event, we can provide you with the quality you would expect. Shendish Manor is regarded as one of the most elegant wedding venues in Hertfordshire.

You can count on our highly-experienced wedding co-ordinators to ensure everything runs like clockwork, so that you can focus on enjoying one of the best days of your life. Some of those who book our premises prefer to bring their own caterers in, and if you are one of them, our Apsley Suite will be the ideal match as it comes with its own kitchen space. We enjoy robust relationships with a range of Italian, Asian, Greek and Kosher caterers, so why not pick up the phone for an informal chat today if you think that we could be the venue for you?

We are licensed for civil ceremonies and offer vast complimentary parking that includes space for coaches. A range of special packages are available, and your guests can even keep their costs down via our fantastic special bedroom rates. The venue itself is much-loved for its fusion of Victorian character and modern styles, as well as the fantastic transport links it offers. People travel to Shendish Manor from across the country, not just to marry, but also to unwind away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Shendish Manor plays host to 70 bedrooms, the remarkable Orangery restaurant, formal Dutch gardens and an idyllic terrace. Talk to us today if you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Hertfordshire. Our expert team can help you to make your day a true five-star occasion. 


How to choose the perfect wedding menu 

Even after choosing Shendish Manor among all of the delightful wedding venues in Hertfordshire, many couples still have trouble planning the rest of the ceremony. One of the biggest concerns comes with choosing the right menu.

Luckily, we stand out from other wedding venues in Hertfordshire by allowing you to use your own speciality caterer when you book the contemporary Apsley Suite, which comes with its own kitchen space. Here’s our quick guide to help you choose the right wedding menu.

Vary food between courses

Take the whole menu into account to ensure that you aren’t providing your guests with too much of the same throughout the day. You don’t want any combinations that are too unusual, but you’ll want to avoid, for example, offering seafood for both the starter and the main course. Anyone who isn’t a particular fan of that type of cuisine will be left going hungry.

Consider the feel of the wedding

As well as taking the whole menu into account, you should think about how much the food will mesh with the general atmosphere of the day. If you are having a very traditional wedding, then you probably want to avoid anything too offbeat; if you want lots of dancing into the wee hours of the night, it might be overly heavy food that is the no-no.

Think about the season

It’s all too easy to plan on serving a roast dinner when you’re sitting at home in the depths of winter, but what if the day itself won’t be until summer? If so, your guests might not particularly enjoy a roast. Try to consider two things when it comes to the timing of your wedding. Firstly, take the weather into account. Secondly, consider which ingredients will be in season.

Allow the food to reflect yourself

Ultimately, this wedding is for you, so don’t feel like you need to serve anything that you yourself won’t enjoy. If you’re a fan of sushi, try having it as a starter. If you have a passion for Indian food, don’t feel that holding your wedding in such a traditionally English setting as Shendish Manor should necessarily mean going for traditional English food.

Shendish Manor has developed long standing relationships with numerous Kosher, Asian, Greek and Italian caterers throughout the Home Counties, so we’re always ready to help. Just keep these tips in mind to plan the perfect wedding menu for you. 


Have you decided on the size of your wedding party? 

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Hertfordshire, you’ll need to decide whether to keep it small and intimate, with only a select group, or invite all your friends and family members to enjoy a larger affair. There are benefits to both approaches – you’ll just need to keep your own needs in mind.

Smaller wedding advantages

The most obvious advantage of a small wedding is the reduced cost. A smaller venue won’t set you back as much, and you’ll also save substantially on catering, given the fewer mouths to feed. Dropping a hundred people from your guest list might be tough, but it can mean significant savings. You’ll then be able to use that money somewhere else. If you want more flowers, a designer dress or a longer honeymoon, smaller guest lists can certainly help out.

They’ll also feel a lot more personal. Couples can spend time with all of their guests instead of feeling like they should constantly circulate around the room, and many find an intimate setting more meaningful. Of course, this is ultimately down to personal preference.

Larger wedding advantages

Smaller weddings are often harder to plan than larger ones once you start writing the guest list. It can often be difficult to cut enough people, especially when parents – who are possibly helping financially – have already chosen to invite an extended list of family members and friends. If you want everybody to be part of your special day, a larger wedding is the obvious choice.

Additionally, the event itself will inevitably be livelier, with the sort of energy that you’d associate with a big party. This makes people feel more like celebrating and dancing – few find an almost-empty dance floor as inviting as one that is teeming with guests.

Whichever you decide upon, wedding venues in Hertfordshire don’t get much better than Shendish Manor. The Apsley Suite is perfect for large events, with air conditioned space suitable for up to approximately 350 guests, while the Manor House’s Longman Suite can accommodate up to 96 for a wedding breakfast or 160 in the evening. Just contact us today for more information concerning our wedding facilities. 


Why does Shendish Manor employ a PGA professional?

Our 5660 yard, Par 70 course– designed to USPGA specifications – is just one of the reasons why Shendish Manor is such a well-regarded golf country club in Hertfordshire. Of course, we also offer enviable accommodation in any of our hotel rooms and both delicious refreshments and good company at the Coach House bar. To help make you a better golfer, we can even arrange either one-on-one or group lessons with our PGA professional.

Our golf country club in Hertfordshire strives to help you to improve, not merely enjoy your game. Experienced golfers often feel as if they don’t require any additional lessons, but they soon change their mind once they have benefited from a few. Every golfer wants to shoot a low score and keep going lower as they continue to play, but many of them instead find themselves with the same handicap over a prolonged period of time. Practice is always important, but it rarely beats the assistance of a good teacher.

The PGA professional here at Shendish Manor can apply an expert eye to your posture, grip, alignment and swing to make sure that every element of your game remains strong. They will also be able to provide instruction on how best to approach various standard shots, such as driving, chipping, putting and sand-shots. These skills might seem fine, but self-assessment is notoriously difficult, and it is incredible how quickly bad habits can take hold.

Even strong golfers have the opportunity to hone their game by learning more advanced techniques. These might include controlling the shape of the shot, controlling the loft or using uneven ground.

Best of all, you are able to schedule a one-on-one lesson every few weeks. This means that you can avoid slipping backwards, losing the techniques that you managed to refine during your first set of lessons. It’s all too easy to grasp a skill during a lesson and then lose it once you play alone, but having a PGA professional right at the golf club can help to prevent that happening.

When you are looking for a golf country club in Hertfordshire that provides a PGA professional to help perfect your game, there’s no better choice than Shendish Manor. 


Why are golfing and business so well-suited to each other?

Golf has always been linked to the world of business, with many professionals continuing to embark on golfing trips to Hertfordshire in the knowledge that it could not only give them a break from the boardroom, but also boost their career. Here are just a few ways in which a round of golf on Shendish Manor’s well-maintained course can help you to get ahead.

No pressure networking

Golfing provides an ideal environment for professionals to interact away from the stresses of the office environment. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t common for deals to be made on the green. However, you will be able to build connections with both existing and potential clients, something that could be incredibly advantageous in the long run.

Shared experiences

Golf is a sport with global appeal, and is an activity that people can easily bond over. Knowing about golf allows you to easily talk to numerous different people, whether the subject is favourite courses or legendary shots. Of course, playing together on Shendish Manor’s USPGA course makes those connections even easier to make, as you share experiences and team up over the day.

Ease of play

There are other sports that you can pick up with your colleagues and clients, but there’s a reason why golf is the most popular among professionals. Although it takes years to master, the barriers to entry are rather low, so golfing trips in Hertfordshire can be enjoyed by almost anybody. Additionally, golf is an activity that can be played throughout your life - it’s not just a young man’s game. There’s plenty of time to relax as you walk around the course, so you can always maintain a good conversation.

Catered facilities

Golf courses are designed to encourage the social aspects of play. For example, Shendish Manor provides golfers with entry to the Coach House bar, where they can enjoy drinks and meals with their friends and colleagues. Rounding off your game with some light refreshments is the perfect way to maintain a strong relationship with anyone you may bring with you. We even have five or seven day corporate packages available to turn your golfing trip into a golfing holiday.

To arrange a golfing trip in Hertfordshire with your clients or colleagues, simply contact one of the members of the team at Shendish Manor today. 


We work harder to make your wedding a success

If your nuptials are coming up and you are yet to select a venue, why not consider the sheer Victorian splendour Shendish Manor? Our luxurious hotel and lush grounds have made us one of the most popular wedding venues in the Hertfordshire region, with our dedicated staff having the vast experience and expertise needed to make your day run like clockwork.

We spend a great deal of time listening to what our clients have to say in order to come up with packages that suit them perfectly, and we can cater for you whether you would prefer an indoor or outdoor wedding. We can offer the ideal wedding package in Hertfordshire.

We are perfectly equipped to cater for big, lavish celebrations as well as intimate, low-key ceremonies. Our outdoor gazebo is licensed for as many as 120 guests, while our banqueting suites are ideal for bigger gatherings of up to 350 guests. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that our team will work tirelessly to make your day a magical event.

Our picturesque grounds are a wedding photographer’s dream, while our catering services are diverse enough to make all of your guests smile. We have long-standing links with various Italian, Greek, Asian and Kosher caterers, but you can bring your own caterers into our state-of-the-art Apsley Suite if you wish. Nonetheless, we promise that you won’t be disappointed if you leave the cuisine to us - after all, our Orangery restaurant is also one of the most talked about culinary facilities in the region.

We’re sure that your guests will love our generously-discounted room rates and facilities including an acclaimed golf course. There are 160 picture-perfect acres of parkland and formal gardens to explore, with your guests getting the pick of 70 luxury bedrooms to unwind in after an epic night. Your guests shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere to park from the 200 spaces on offer.

Don’t forget that we can also welcome you if you are looking for a venue for a christening, business event, gala ball, baby shower or anniversary meal. Our versatile venue has the facilities for hosting a wealth of events. 


5 reasons to go on golf holidays in Hertfordshire 

You might have read a lot of things about why it's a great idea to play golf - as well as why you should go as far as booking a golfing holiday. But what about doing so in Hertfordshire, particularly with ourselves here at Shendish Manor?

Here are the five best reasons to contact our team today about our highly rated golf holidays in Hertfordshire.

1. Hertfordshire is extremely green

It's extremely difficult to think of a more lushly green area of England than Hertfordshire, large parts of the county having long been given over to architecture. Even Shendish Manor's own 5,660 yard, Par 70 course is set among 160 spectacular acres of parkland and formal gardens.

2. You have access to the best golf courses

That aforementioned course is just one among many in Hertfordshire, but nonetheless, you're unlikely to want to look elsewhere after sampling its challenging hazards. Whether you have never before teed off or are instead a seasoned professional, you can depend on our course to stimulate you to improve your game.

3. The associated facilities are especially strong

Choosing a golf course in Hertfordshire is never just about the main course - it's also about such things as our Coach House, where you can hire buggies and trolleys and enjoy some timely refreshment in the bar. A PGA professional is also on hand to give private one-to-one or group lessons.

4. Golfing breaks can be tailored as you want them

From the first moment you get in touch with our reservations team, you'll realise that flexibility is a key aspect of our golf holidays in Hertfordshire. We offer both standard golf break packages and plenty of scope for tailoring a golfing holiday with us to meet your most specific requirements.

5. Great deals are available for local hotels

Don't forget that our golfing holiday packages here at Shendish Manor also include a stay in one of our wonderfully comfortable, spacious and well-equipped hotel rooms. Indeed, if you become a member at our golf country club, you can take advantage of discounted rates for your guests, as well as other discounts elsewhere across the site.

All in all, there's many a fine reason to enquire about golf holidays in Hertfordshire - particularly to the highly capable team here at Shendish Manor, an unashamedly contemporary hotel that also exudes Victorian splendour. 


For one of the most historic wedding venues in Apsley, choose Shendish Manor

In the valley of the Chiltern Hills can be found a neighbourhood of Hemel Hempstead that is so much more than may initially meet the eye. Apsley today is a thriving commercial centre, boasting newsagents, retail parks, offices, restaurants and public houses... and yet, it also has the feel of a place that is somewhat different from the norm.

Everywhere one looks in Apsley, there is history. Even on visiting the modern Sainsbury's supermarket, for instance, one cannot avoid spotting the late 19th century St. Mary's Church that overlooks the car park. Its location can be explained by the fact that the supermarket site was once occupied by a paper mill, and indeed, it was as a mill village that Apsley gained wider importance.

Water mills were established here to serve local agriculture, the location chosen on account of a lack of surface water. The area's rise to industrial prominence began after the construction of what was later to be known as the Grand Union Canal between London and the Midlands, passing through the valley in 1798. This canal allowed for the easy transportation of raw and manufactured products to and from the mills.

Why we are mentioning all of these things? Well, here at Shendish Manor, one of the most distinguished wedding venues in Apsley, we have a very special association with the wider area's proud past. The inventor of a continuous mechanised papermaking process, John Dickinson, began his association with Apsley through the purchase of an existing mill in the area in 1809. His business went on to be one of the life-bloods of Apsley.

Where was the housing for the managers of this burgeoning business built? Why, it was constructed on the old Manor Farm, in what are now our own grounds right here at Shendish Manor. Our Manor building - in which one of our wedding suites is now based - dates back to 1853, the year the estate came into the ownership of publisher Charles Longman.

The current splendid Shendish Manor country house and the extensive surrounding grounds are therefore inextricably linked to the similarly splendid broader history of this beautiful and ever-fascinating part of Hertfordshire. If you are looking to make your own history with your beloved in one of the very finest and oldest wedding venues in Apsley, you simply cannot make a better choice than Shendish Manor.


Turn your wedding dreams into a reality at Shendish Manor

At Shendish Manor, we have everything required to make your wedding day a success. Our luxurious hotel is equipped to form the ideal backdrop to your wedding day, and you can rely on our experienced, expert team to go the extra mile to cater for your requests. We oversee one of the most exquisite and elegant wedding venues in the region and are waiting to hear from you, whether you require an indoor or outdoor wedding. Talk to us today if you’re seeking the perfect wedding package in Hertfordshire.

Our banqueting suites are equipped for as many as 350 guests, while our gazebo can cater for 120 people and is fully licenced for up to 120 guests. Our unique venue has already formed the backdrop to a host of unforgettable, magical weddings. Our wedding co-ordinators have years of experience between them and possess the skills and expertise needed to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

We work hard to surpass our clients’ expectations rather than just meeting them and can cater for you whether you require a lavish celebration or something far more low-key. Meanwhile, our robust relationships with a number of Asian, Greek, Italian and Kosher caterers mean that you and your guests can look forward to a mouth-watering dining experience. Should you wish to bring in your own caterer, you can hire out our modern, striking Apsley Suite, which comes with its own kitchen space.

Your guests can take advantage of extremely generous rates and are even welcome to tee off on our famous golf course. Shendish Manor is set in 160 glorious acres of parkland and formal gardens and offers 70 spacious, comfortable and elegant bedrooms. Complimentary parking for as many as 200 cars is on offer, with our Orangery restaurant being one of the most talked-about dining facilities in the area. Our stunning venue has been used for everything from meetings, networking events and gala balls to weddings, christenings, baby showers and anniversary meals.

We’re waiting to hear from you right now if you require an exceptional wedding package in Hertfordshire - there's simply no better venue to look to than Shendish Manor. 


How to make an inspired choice of wedding photographer

When you are choosing wedding photographers, it’s important to go the extra mile to find someone that you can trust. Wedding photographers play a key role in capturing your big day for posterity, but many couples have been left disappointed after opting for cheap photographers who lack experience.

It’s essential that you seek out a photographer with an exceptional track record. Most couples draw up a shortlist of four or five wedding photographers before making a final choice, and usually only come to a decision after looking at multiple examples of their work. Finding a great photographer is just as important as making the right choice from the wide range of available wedding venues in Hertfordshire.

You should feel welcome to discuss your needs and requirements in depth with a given photographer before you sign on the dotted line. Any reputable photographer will listen closely to what you have to say and will be only too happy to take certain special requests on board. It’s a good idea to look for photographers who are part of respected industry bodies like the Society of Wedding Photographers.

Your wedding photographer should be able to put you at ease in front of their camera. You should choose a photographer who makes you feel relaxed and who can capture you to brilliant effect in the most interesting poses. Opting for a poor-quality photographer could mean being stuck with lacklustre images that fail to capture the magic of your big day. Some photographers will even give you testimonials from their past clients to give you a better insight into what to expect.

Shendish Manor forms the ideal backdrop for wedding photos. Our country house hotel comes complete with its own golf course and is the perfect place to say your vows. We can cater for everything from weddings to birthday meals, christenings and business events. The venue is renowned for its picturesque architecture as well as its splendid, unspoiled scenic grounds.

There is also a fine range of exquisite banqueting suites to choose from here at Shendish Manor, along with a popular Gazebo that is fully licenced for civil ceremonies. Shendish Manor is one of the most prestigious, sought-after wedding venues in Hertfordshire, so why not talk to us today if you’re yet to find the right setting for your nuptials?


How to plan the dream wedding in Hertfordshire 

The county in which the splendid Victorian Shendish Manor is situated may be one of England's most green and idyllic, but that doesn't automatically make any wedding in Hertfordshire a dream - you'll still need to carefully plan ahead, as you would anywhere else. Indeed, our own appreciation of this is why we work so hard to turn those dreams into reality.

But of course, there is still some work that you will be required to do, and with so many of the county's most popular venues rapidly becoming fully booked, the planning process for a wedding in Hertfordshire necessarily begins early. 12 months in advance is a good time to decide on a desired wedding date and begin researching venues, and if you do find your favoured venue available, it is advisable to book immediately, so that you can plan the associated services around it.

In the period between nine and 12 months in advance of your intended date, you will probably have  a lot of vendors to research and book. Who will provide the bridal gown? What about the suit for the groom? Have you looked into photographers and/or videographers? Is anyone arranging transport to and from the venue? Have you got a particular hair and beauty stylist in mind? Who's making the wedding cake? The list of questions like this will be a long one.

Fast-forward to just a few months prior to your wedding in Hertfordshire, and if you have planned well, you will be getting in touch with your florist to finalise arrangements, ordering wedding stationery and booking wedding transport, among other things. By the time there's just a week remaining, it's a good idea to reconfirm everything with your vendors, one last time. On the morning of the wedding, you should be having your hair and makeup done and begin dressing two hours before the scheduled beginning of the ceremony.

It all sounds like a lot to remember, but there's not quite as much to remember when you make Shendish Manor the base for your wedding in Hertfordshire. That's in large part due to our knowledgeable Wedding Coordinators, who go to the greatest lengths to help you out with the wedding planning process, in the knowledge that everything about your big day has to be just right.

In fact, you couldn't hope to choose a more dependable partner - not just venue - for your wedding in Hertfordshire than Shendish Manor. 


Golfing holidays sharpen the mind, improve the body and decrease stress levels

Taking a golfing holiday in Hertfordshire is an extremely rewarding way to treat yourself. Not only will you enjoy our beautiful 5660 yard, Par 70 course - which is designed specifically to USPGA specifications – but you’ll also feel the benefits across your entire body.

Brain training with a view

Golf might sometimes be emotionally demanding – especially when you’re trying to make that last hole – but the sport is rarely one of the first things that comes to mind when you try to picture something mentally challenging.

However, this is far from true. The mere act of swinging your club involves building and strengthening neural pathways related to hand-eye-coordination, planning and concentration. Golf requires you to focus your mind, and this is just the sort of activity that it needs to remain strong.

Engaging in activities such as golf improves both blood circulation in the brain and the connections between nerve endings, something thought by experts to combat dementia.

Excellent cardiovascular exercise

Even fans of the game like to quip that golf is a great way to spoil a good walk. Humour aside, golfing really is fantastic exercise, especially when you forgo the traditional cart. Taking the course by foot can often involve walking five to seven miles, and you don’t even notice the distance when you’re strolling a beautiful course like the one found here at Shendish Manor.

Even better, unlike most workouts, the exercise you get during golfing holidays in Hertfordshire won’t put too much pressure on your body, and there are plenty of stops, so even people who don’t exercise regularly can feel a little fitter. In fact, the link between golf and health is well established; a recent study demonstrated a 40 per cent decreased mortality rate among those who golfed as they grew older.

Releasing your stress

Last but not least, there are few more pleasant ways to unwind than taking a golfing holiday in Hertfordshire – one of the most beautiful and unspoilt counties in England. Breathing the fresh air, hearing the sound of your club perfectly connecting with the ball, walking back to the hotel to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and then heading up to a warm bed - all of this helps you to let all of life’s stresses melt away.

Shendish Manor possesses everything that you need for a fantastic golfing holiday, so why not contact one of our team today to arrange your getaway? 


For the complete golf holidays in Hertfordshire, look no further

If there's one thing that the beautiful English county of Hertfordshire is known for, it is its seemingly endless lush, green land... and if there's one thing that is commonly associated with such land, it is golf. The finest golf holidays in Hertfordshire and the jaw-dropping local hotel Shendish Manor are therefore natural bedfellows.

Of course, it goes without saying that the best hotels for golf holidays in Hertfordshire are those with their own golf course, and Shendish Manor's own Par 70, 18 hole course certainly lives up to even the highest expectations. You may be a complete newcomer to the game of golf, someone slightly more experienced or a high-performing veteran - whatever your status, you are sure to appreciate the challenging combination of hazards that Shendish Manor's course serves up through its parkland and woodland copses.

The reasons to book one of Shendish Manor's highly acclaimed golf holidays in Hertfordshire don't stop there. After all, our establishment also has all of the facilities that you could possibly require for enjoyable teeing off, the Coach House near the 19th hole offering buggies and trolleys for hire, as well as a bar that serves mouth-watering all-day breakfasts. Once you feel ready to return to the green, there's a PGA Professional on hand who can provide private one to one or group lessons.

However, even if you take the course out of the equation, there are still so many great reasons to book a golf break with us. A true Victorian architectural gem, Shendish Manor makes its visitors fall in love at first sight, and the romance continues inside, where a relaxing lounge area and delightful restaurant and bar are to be found - not to mention 70 spacious and luxurious bedrooms. Head back outside, and you will discover the wider estate's stunningly picturesque grounds.

This is the kind of setting on which you will tee off when you pick Shendish Manor for your next golf holidays in Hertfordshire - and the booking process for such a holiday is even more relaxing. Typically, a golf break here includes not just the golf itself, but also the bedroom stay, a hearty breakfast and a succulent three course dinner. Get in touch with our reservations team today, and they will help to assemble the perfect golf break package for you, taking into account all of your needs. 


Golfing holidays in an idyllic setting

Here at Shendish Manor, our guests love the flexibility of our golf breaks. Our challenging course provides our guests with a fulfilling golfing experience and caters for people of all ability levels. We’re waiting to hear from you today if you’d like to find out more about golfing trips in Hertfordshire. Our packages represent exceptional value for money, and you can count on our reservations team to go the extra mile to make your trip an unforgettable one. We offer standard golf break packages, as well as bespoke services that allow us to cater for your specific requirements.

Book a golfing holiday at Shendish Manor and you’ll be able to partake in a couple of rounds of compelling golf, stay in one of our luxurious twin or double bedrooms and enjoy a hearty breakfast and a mouth-watering three course dinner in our popular Orangery restaurant. We offer a variety of special golf packages throughout the year. You can get in touch with us for an informal chat about our deals by contacting our reservations team today.

Our regular guests have come to expect the warmest of welcomes. We cater for individuals, families, visiting golfing societies and businesses booking corporate get-togethers. Our venue offers spectacular views of the rolling Hertfordshire countryside and allows you to show off your golfing skills in style, while engaging in testing challenges. There’s a variety of competition formats and menu packages to choose from, but don’t forget that we can work with you to provide you with the perfect golfing experience if you have specific requirements.

We can also help you to round off your visit in style by arranging an informal drinks reception, presentation or even a private gala dinner in one of our luxurious banqueting suites. We also offer a host of membership packages, offering discounted rates for you and your guests and union subscriptions, as well as access to our sister hotel.

Our venue is renowned for its fusion of stylish contemporary styles and classic Victorian features. You can access Shendish Manor with ease, due to the fantastic road and rail links on offer. Our venue is home to 70 spacious, luxurious bedrooms, an atmospheric lounge area and the acclaimed Orangery restaurant. Talk to us today if you’re thinking about booking golfing trips in Hertfordshire.


Enjoy an elite golfing experience at Shendish Manor 

Golfing trips in Hertfordshire provide an ideal opportunity to practice your swing, relax with your friends, colleagues and clients or simply enjoy some time alone with your favourite sport. Shendish Manor is one of the premier locations for such an excursion, offering premium facilities in a spectacular setting.

A beautiful location

Hertfordshire offers numerous vistas of deeply lush and green British countryside, with more than half of the county being designated as a green belt area. Golfing trips in Hertfordshire are so plentiful because of that very fact, and it takes a truly superior venue to trump the others. Shendish Manor is that venue. This gorgeous country home is quintessentially English and provides a stunning backdrop for your game.

A high standard

Our course is just as ideal as the setting in which we’ve cultivated it. Designed to USPGA specifications, our 5660 yard, Par 70 course offers a mixture of hazards to provide great play for both seasoned experts and enthusiastic beginners. All of the grounds are kept in the best conditions, and you can take advantage of our course every day of the year, weather permitting.

Professional support

A USPGA standard course is what long-term golfers dream of, but we make sure that everyone can enjoy their time by putting you in touch with a PGA professional for private one-on-one or group lessons. Our expert will teach you everything that you need to know about the game, from the perfect stance to proper course etiquette.

Dignified surroundings

The staff at Shendish Manor want to make sure that every part of your golf trip in Hertfordshire feels exclusive and refined, so we enforce a strict dress code for all players. Some facilities have let these traditional practices fall by the wayside, but we think that golf clubs should maintain a certain air of class. You won’t find any hats on inside the club, or any jeans, trainers or tracksuits in sight when you’re enjoying your game.

We see golfers return to Shendish Manor time after time, a testament to our dedication to providing one of the best golfing experiences in the country. Take advantage of one of our membership options or simply pay and play to enjoy one of the top golfing trips in Hertfordshire.   


The features that mark out the very best golf country club in Hertfordshire

One thing that the visitor to Hertfordshire will never yearn for more of, is green space. This is quite simply one of the greenest counties in England, so it goes without saying that a lot of golf also gets played here. However, the embarrassment of riches that the region offers only makes it all the tougher a process to choose the right golf country club in Hertfordshire.

Thankfully, there are certain features that you will almost certainly be able to find in a truly leading golf country club in this part of the country, and we're convinced that you need look no further for all of them than Shendish Manor. One of the most basic requirements that anyone could have from such a club, for instance, is a demanding course, and our own 5660 yard, Par 70 course will certainly test you, whatever your level of ability.

However, a great golfing experience isn't just characterised by the golf itself, which is why a picturesque, appealing setting should also figure highly on your priority list. Even by the standards of Hertfordshire golf courses, our own here at Shendish Manor provides quite the backdrop. The views of the surrounding countryside that you can enjoy as you negotiate our acclaimed course's parkland and woodland copses are genuinely stunning.

What about a high quality customer service and the utmost convenience? Again, these are characteristics that mark out a great golf country club in Hertfordshire, and they are certainly in abundance here at Shendish Manor. You are welcome to use our course whether you are a hotel resident, visiting golf society, corporate client, pay and play visitor or prospective member. We also offer refreshments and buggies and trolleys for hire in our Coach House.

Indeed, when you are arranging a visit to a golf country club in Hertfordshire, you will want the whole process to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. Sure enough, Shendish Manor has a reservations team that can arrange the complete golf break for you, encompassing not only the thrilling golf itself, but also a day or several in one of our opulent bedrooms, a delicious breakfast and a mouth-watering three course dinner in our Orangery restaurant.

All of the above considered, how could there possibly be a more complete golf country club in Hertfordshire than Shendish Manor? Contact us now to book your stay. 


Our establishment offers only the best golfing trips in Hertfordshire 

One only needs to take a brief look at the remarkable Victorian architecture of Shendish Manor and the majesty of its surrounding 160 acres of parkland and formal gardens to get a sense of just how suitable a setting it is for a spot of golf. Sure enough, that's exactly what we provide, our Par 70, 5660 yard course offering much to challenge both beginner and experienced players of the game as part of the most complete golfing trips in Hertfordshire.

But with Hertfordshire being one of England's most in-demand golfing destinations in general, it takes a lot for any hotel to become the enthusiastic golfer's first choice for their stay in the county. That's why we have gone to such considerable effort, here at Shendish Manor, to make our own golf course the very best. Its combination of parkland and woodland copses, designed to USPGA specifications, allows even the most seasoned golfer to easily improve their game.

However, the complete golf break is never just about the golf course itself - it's about the entire experience. Whenever you aren't out on course, for example, you are more than welcome in our Coach House near the 19th hole, which offers buggy and trolley hire as well as mouth-watering all-day breakfasts in its bar. Once you're ready to head back out onto the green, we even have a PGA professional on hand who can give lessons on a private one-or-one or group basis.

You can take advantage of our golf course on any of the 365 days of the year, weather permitting, and golf break packages just don't come much flexible and complete than those offered here at Shendish Manor. A golf break with us is the perfect opportunity to tee off during the day on the most exhilarating course, while enjoying the luxury of one of our twin or double bedrooms in the evenings. You can even enjoy a lovely three-course dinner in our Orangery restaurant.

Throughout the year, we run various promotions for golfing trips in Hertfordshire, and when you book, you'll be well-served by our highly capable and professional reservations team, who will go out of their way to ensure that your most specialised needs are catered for. Peruse our offers page for more information about the golfing promotions that we have on offer right now, or simply contact us directly to arrange your break with one of Hertfordshire's leading hotels.


Which is best for your Hertfordshire wedding: our Apsley Suite or Manor House? 

Enough reasons exist simply to stay the night at Shendish Manor, from the stunning Victorian exterior of our main country house hotel to the 70 gorgeous and spacious bedrooms. So many reasons are there, in fact, that our establishment is a similarly popular spot for all kinds of wedding receptions in Hertfordshire

Weddings here at Shendish Manor revolve around our two continually in-demand indoor reception spaces, the Apsley Suite and the Manor House. To reach the former, you have to head to our hotel's east wing, where you will be greeted by a generous expanse of air-conditioned space, with up to about 350 guests able to be accommodated here.

Also licensed for civil ceremonies, our Apsley Suite offers everything that one could want in a distinguished reception room. There is definitely no shortage of delightful photographic opportunities, whether on the backdrop of the stunning decor and sparkling chandeliers, or instead in the private garden that can be accessed directly through the suite's doors.

However, Shendish Manor takes pride in offering plenty of choice for wedding receptions in Hertfordshire, and the smaller Manor House is certainly another tempting space in which to base your reception - particularly if your guest count befits a smaller room. The Manor building hails from the mid-19th century, as is clear from its lavish high ceilings, oak panelling and sweeping staircase.

Even the Manor House's largest suite - the Longman suite - accommodates 'just' 96 guests for a wedding breakfast, although you could have as many as 160 people here in total for an evening reception. However, while it may be a modestly-sized space, it doesn't lack for sense of occasion. The building has an entrance of its own, together with a lounge area and private bar. It also opens out onto the estate's impeccable grounds.

Naturally, both the Manor House and the Apsley Suite are formidable venues for a wedding reception that will have the jaws of guests dropping on entry. However, while the former is a sound choice for those wishing to achieve the perfect atmosphere for a smaller reception, the latter is perfect if you need to fit in more people and have a specialty caterer of your own that you would like to use, given its availability on a venue hire only basis.

Get in touch with Shendish Manor today to learn about the many more reasons for the strong reputation of our wedding receptions in Hertfordshire, as well as so that you can place your booking. 


Create a magical wedding at Shendish Manor

Don’t leave things to chance by opting for a wedding venue with a questionable reputation – choose one that has achieved glowing reviews. Here at Shendish Manor, we can offer you everything that you might need if you’re planning on booking a wedding package in Hertfordshire - indeed, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of hospitality and care. Our venue is one of the most elegant and exquisite in the region, while our expert team goes the extra mile to make sure all guests enjoy a day that they can remember fondly forever.

You’ll struggle to find a more picturesque backdrop for a wedding in the region, with our grounds being overlooked by classic English scenery. You can choose from a range of rooms for the ceremony itself, and we can even cater for up to 350 different people, thanks to our great selection of banqueting suites. Having overseen hundreds of weddings, our staff are here to make sure your day runs like clockwork, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of your big day without stress or strain.

Our catering team can offer dishes that appeal to a wealth of tastes and your guests will be pleased to learn that they’ll be able to take advantage of special room rates. Our Manor House features a number of traditional rooms, while the modern wing is home to various air-conditioned rooms. The Manor House can accommodate 92 guests during the ceremony itself, with 68 additional people being catered for later in the evening.

Your guests can even pay low rates for the golf green, should they wish to unwind in the open air before or after the ceremony itself. Our stunning Victorian hotel has been described as the perfect wedding venue by a huge number of couples. Talk to the team at Shendish Manor today if the time has come to look for a wedding package in Hertfordshire.

The hotel sits within 160 acres of gardens and parkland, and has lost none of its charm even after refurbishment. Superior or Four Poster rooms are available, and you can even ask for flowers, chocolates and champagne to be taken to them. We’re sure that you won’t regret choosing Shendish Manor for a wedding package in Hertfordshire.


Shendish Manor’s dedicated wedding managers will help you to tie the knot without a hitch 

People organising a wedding in Hertfordshire are usually well-versed in the benefits of using a wedding planner to get everything organised in advance, but what advantages do you get from an on-the-day manager?

Well, no matter how long you’ve spent planning things out, it’s hard to appreciate just how many things will be going on in the background of a wedding until the day itself comes. You’ll need to make sure that entertainers, photographers and catering staff are all properly organised, in addition to ensuring that all of the guests are coordinated – Shendish Manor's own Apsley Suite can accommodate up to 350, so that in itself can be a real challenge!

It’s likely you won’t have done anything like this before, and what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life is not the time to start. However, a wedding manager will have helped to conduct many ceremonies and receptions in the past, so they’ll know the whole process from back to front. Of course, our wedding managers are also incredibly familiar with Shendish Manor itself and have established strong relationships with the staff, as well as many of the caterers and entertainers.

A good wedding manager will be constantly moving between all the people hired to make your wedding memorable, allowing you to simply enjoy the day. For example, they’ll ensure that your chosen song is on standby when you cut the cake, as well as that all of the cameras are ready to capture that magical moment, without you even having to think about organising any of it yourself.

Also, if there’s one constant across weddings, it’s the development of small hiccups during the day. It seems that however meticulously the proceedings are planned, something unexpected will always crop up during the celebrations. The intervention of an experienced wedding manager is often the difference between this issue becoming a real problem or being effortlessly resolved. You shouldn’t have to worry about this during your special day and, with Shendish Manor, you won’t have to.

When you choose to hold your wedding at Shendish Manor, you don’t need to decide whether or not to hire an on-the-day manager. We’re so aware of how much more you’ll enjoy yourself when everything is being taken care of that, unless you choose to hire the venue only, we’ll supply one for you as part of the package. Have a special wedding day with Shendish Manor!


Shendish Manor: providing everything that your wedding guests require

Wedding venues in Apsley always have been in high demand, and if you are eager to find such a venue that really impresses your guests and gives them an unforgettable time, then you should look no further than Shendish Manor.

We’re under an hour’s drive from Central London, with Hemel Hempstead station only four minutes away, so guests will have no trouble finding us and won’t be in danger of turning up late. Once they arrive, your guests will drive through part of our stunning 160 acres of parkland, before finding themselves outside the majestic presence of Shendish Manor itself.

Still stunned by the establishment’s gorgeous grounds and breath-taking exterior, guests will be guided to either the building’s east wing, if you’ve chosen to use the Apsley Suite, or through the private entrance of the enchanting Manor building. Each venue is bursting with historical character, boasting anything from oak panelling and Jacobean fireplaces in the Manor House, to glittering chandeliers in the case of the Apsley Suite.

We have great relationships with a variety of local caterers, including those from Asian, Jewish, Greek and Italian communities.  If you hire the Apsley Suite, you can even bring in your own caterer! The outstanding choice of food options means that you can feed your guests whatever type of culinary delights they’ll enjoy the most.

After their night of mouth-watering food, delicious drinks and plenty of dancing, most guests would rather head straight to bed instead of facing the journey home. Shendish Manor has 70 rooms available for wedding guests to crawl into after enjoying the celebrations, each with hypoallergenic pillows and duvets, 24-hour room service, complimentary broadband and an LCD television.

We’ve found that the option to stay the night is particularly beneficial for anyone planning to bring children to the wedding. Parents can put them to sleep at their regular bedtimes, before heading back to the celebrations.

Of course, we’re aware that the most important people at a wedding are the bride and groom, but we also know how stressful it can be to worry about the comfort of each friend or family member who attends. At Shendish Manor, you can rest assured that everyone will find the day almost as enchanting as you will. 


Shendish Manor: an ideal location for weddings large and small 

Form the moment an engagement ring slips onto a bride-to-be’s finger, it’s hard for lovebirds not to start considering the often dizzying task of putting a wedding together. Of course, one of the most important elements to consider is where you’re going to tie the knot.

People often choose wedding venues in Hertfordshire because they combine a proximity to the capital with picture-perfect country landscape, but not every venue can cater to individual size requirements. Do you want a large location to entertain a vast network or friends, family and colleagues, or are you seeking a more intimate affair for your nearest and dearest? At Shendish Manor, you can have both!

Shendish’s Manor House is perfect for a small or medium sized wedding, with a maximum capacity for 160 guests, while the separate Longman suite can hold up to 96 guests for a wedding breakfast.

Of course, a smaller wedding still requires its own sense of grandeur, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive from the Manor House. The Manor House was first constructed in the middle of the 19th century, and it shows off its historical pedigree with a number of period features and an ageless sense of classical charm. With its own entrance and a spacious lounge area with private bar, as well as an opening out onto our exquisite Dutch Gardens, it provides a stunning location.

If you’re looking to put together a larger celebration, then you should consider taking advantage of the Apsley Suite - found in Shendish Manor’s east wing - which provides an abundance of light, airy space to host up to 350 guests comfortably.

Look up the word ‘grand’ in the dictionary, and you might just find an illustration of the Apsley Suite. The décor is truly lavish, with dazzling chandeliers hanging from high ceilings and an entrance opening out onto the suite’s own exclusive private gardens. We know that for wedding celebrations that entertain more people, you may prefer to use your own speciality caterer, so the Apsley Suite’s kitchen space may be hired out with the venue to accommodate this need. This is one of the most ideal wedding venues in Hertfordshire for holding larger celebrations.

Whether you want your wedding to be big or small, Shendish Manor offers an option for you within our idyllic country location, so contact us today.


Shendish Manor: practicality and beauty, married at last 

A lot of people look for wedding venues in Hertfordshire, and it isn’t hard to ascertain why. Hertfordshire is one of the most idyllic of the Home Counties that surround the capital, and this proximity to Greater London puts it in touch with a number of fantastic road, rail and even air links that make it remarkably easy to get to.

At the same time, the county is located far enough from the bustle and congestion of the capital to give it a truly rural feel, with sweeping countryside and gorgeous rolling hills. Hertfordshire’s handy location and stunning natural beauty truly represents the best of both worlds for anyone planning to tie the knot.

That’s one of the reasons why Shendish Manor is so sought after as a wedding venue in Hertfordshire, reflecting as it does the perfect blend of these two ideals. Dating back to the 13th century, Shendish Manor is a country house so quintessentially evocative of traditional English architecture that it seems to have leapt from the pages of a Jane Austen novel.

We know the value of that tradition, so we’ve kept as many original features as we can, while still keeping the premises as comfortable as guests would expect from a modern hotel. The hotel contains 18 character rooms from the original Manor House, while our wedding venues boast genuine character features such as sweeping staircases, ornate wood panelling and a Jacobean fireplace.

You might not expect a wedding venue with such majestic history to be close to transport links, but Shendish Manor makes excellent use of Hertfordshire’s location. Incredibly, the hotel is less than an hour’s drive from Central London.

For guests arriving by train, Hemel Hempstead and Apsley Station are only five minutes’ drive from the hotel, and both can be reached from London Euston in just over half an hour. Nor do you have any need to worry if you have guests coming from overseas, as the UK’s busiest airport, London Heathrow, is just 45 minutes away by car or taxi.

By choosing Shendish Manor for your wedding venue, you’ll be getting a fantastic looking location that is also incredibly convenient, leaving you free to plan other parts of your big day and look forward to the event without worrying about people turning up late!


Shendish Manor makes your wedding glow with historic splendour 

Shendish Manor is one of the most distinguished and sought after wedding venues in Hertfordshire, and it isn't at all hard to see why. What comes to mind when you picture the perfect setting in which to tie the knot? If you imagine scenic English countryside and a charming, historical country estate, then you're probably picturing Shendish Manor.

Situated among the breathtaking Chiltern Hills in the charming mill town of Apsley, the history of Shendish Manor reaches back to the 13th century, and a wonderful sense of the past penetrates its grounds and interiors to provide a magical setting for your big day.

Either enjoy the sensational architecture and lavish grounds from our beautiful gazebo, or choose to move into one of our historic banqueting suites. The Apsley Suite provides a wealth of space for up to 350 guests, while its doors open out into its own private garden, so guests are free to move between the splendour of the hall and the beauty of the grounds.

The Manor House boasts its own exclusive entrance and a wealth of original features. The Manor's Longman suite provides an intimate wedding setting for up to 96 guests. The ceilings are ornate and the walls are panelled with deep, smooth oak.

This ageless elegance is further expressed by a genuine Jacobean fireplace and a large, sweeping staircase that seems to have jumped straight out of a period drama. Opening out into the grounds of the hotel and the captivating Dutch gardens, both the Manor House and Longman suite are striking examples of English architecture and style.

For those choos